Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Superbowl 2015 Featuring Seahawk nails for slink!!!!!

Yes You heard right I am a hawks fan and proud of it, I follow in the steps of my mom our own version Mama Blue. And even though she is no longer with us I know she would just LOOOOOVE to have theses nails!
I could see her now asking if I could make for her in RL :)  SO onward and forward Hawks,with your steady flow of 12th man behind you! I just know you will win yet again this year and why? because we have a awesome team!! {Yes I am totally bragging but hey I get to, its my team :)}
BUT not to be forgotten we have pedicures for those die hard 12th mans out there!
Made for any slink feet and as you see we are a authorized creator of slink. So wear your spirit proudly! Oh and for those of you who are not Hawks fans I have good news too!
As requested by several wonderful customers I am going to make NFL colors for all teams, starting with the Patriots who are meeting head on the Hawks! So keep watch out and you might even see some NCAA coming too! 

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