Sunday, January 25, 2015

Our beginning into the world of fashion designing

Beyond persuasion design is the newest venture of Dragon and Elizabet Skyward, but what is it? what does it mean?
For over 2 years now we have designed and created furniture, textures, artwork, and more all with our own touch, or own feeling and desires placed into each and every piece. Not your standard textures {lets face it I get a wicked humor when naming each one} Our furniture giving you a look into our devotion to each other and to creating pieces we feel our customers would enjoy.
We brought in our Dark side, our humorist, our playful, and our loving sides everything made proudly with our name placed on it. Standing behind everything we make. We even introduced our petite line carrying the same quality you have found at our other stores.
But now after sitting back and being the creative driving force, my consort in design, my inspiration Dragon has decide to join me on the front lines putting his own touch to designing clothing. So together we proudly introduce:
Beyond persuasion design, Men, women and petites clothing, shoes, jewelry and other accessories. These reflect our passion, style and desire. BPd will feature clothing and shoes that reflect our many sides, ones that we hope will embrace your own style. This new venture we are embarking on is one we hope you will enjoy as well. Together we and our customers will be Beyond persuasive in our unique style, and our passion for our work.
Dragon and Elizabet Skyward
Designers of Beyond persuasion design

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