Monday, November 21, 2016

BPd Fantasy cream Vote & win & Hunt gift

Vote and win gown is the one you have a chance to win by voting on the exclusives at Fantasy cream. This will not be sold in stores but is transferable~
Here is our Vote and win gift
 Our hunt gift
Our exclusives
Only at Fantasy cream market will not be sold in stores

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Beyond Persuasion Designs @ Twelve- Memories (November Round)

At Twe12e we have exclusives for Men and Women. This dapper outfit and lovely gown are excellent for your wedding day, a formal event, or just wanting to look fantastic during the Holiday season.  Check the pictures out and take the taxi here: Twe12ve Starts the 12th and runs to the end of the month

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Beyond Persuasion at The Old Fair

The Old Fair has started and runs from Nov 4th - 25. BtD has a bunch of great items for this event, including exclusives. Both for men and women.
For the Men we have:
 Arther is the Exclusive at the Old Fair sold ONLY at the Old Fair

  For the Women we have:

 This gorgeous dress, Ada, is the women's exclusive and also will be on sale ONLY at the Old Fair

 Here Is your Taxi to the Fair

Beyond Persuasion and Beyond the Dark in The Medieval Hunt

  A beautiful vampiresss with her vampire lover, standing before their own blood fountain. Beyond Persuasion and Beyond the Dark have prizes for you in the Medieval Fantasy Hunt: Vampire vs Demons "The Bloody One"  Check out the pictures and get out there and hunt. More information and hints can be found HERE 

Hint:  If one does not have a bell tower where does one hide to be just plain batty?

Hint: I am not REALLLY hiding……. I am actually stalking you!