Sunday, January 25, 2015

New releases, special items and upcoming events

Have you heard about the Dark rangers? they are the newest releases at Beyond Persuasion for men and women {Petites will be soon I promise!}
Designed with the role-player of Urban and post apocalypse in mind. Women you have your choice between just a mesh/leather top and leather/denim pants with your calf high boots. Or if its getting a little chilly put on your Mesh long suede coat to cover any of those hidden weapons. either way you are ready for what ever may come your way!

Men you have the option for your role-play of the same long suede coat over your pants or it really making a statement no coat at all. No matter what you chose there is no doubt your in charge!

5 color styles make it easy for you to find one that fits your role play. Are you dark and mysteries? or you one with the earth? do you hunt demon on the side? well come see which style fits your role- play mood today.

But don't think you have to be in a RP to look like a bad ass, great for when you are just not in the mood for taking no more or simply to make that man shiver when you strut toward him.

Each set comes with Mesh Coat and boots in 5 sizes, Mesh daggers and bracers with resizers, and pants. Women get a total of 3 tops to chose from to make their statement clear. The sets are only 599L, and offer a demo inworld.

But we are not done with the Dark rangers, petite rangers are on the way for petite male and female alike! Plus separates, accessories  and more outfits so keep a eye out.
Now on to other news we have still a few days left in the New years resolution cart sale to get wonderful gowns, glass slippers yes I said glass slippers plus some cute petite women's dress and dolls!

We also have a few more events upcoming and hunts. The who's who hunt is coming to BPd as well as the Spring fair at the village coming soon. Twisted hunt is right around the corner {Yes we are applying so keep one eye out!}
Stop in the store soon to see us as we grow, and bring we hope more items to delight you.

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