Sunday, February 1, 2015

Just a quick note

So even though my team lost today it was the most edge of your seat game I have EvER seen! WOW

But on other news we have been accepted into the CarnEvil Bi -weekly event so YAY! which means that at least every month there will be one COMPLETELY me Goth item exclusively for sale!
PLUS our Fashion show item {Think about Fairytales in reverse, no really work with me here} The Wedding gown and horns of the "Evil" queen is at the fashion show and so is her jewels. Both during the Month of February,

 ONLY 100L. Plus there is shoes coming and a lets call it The truth comes out about Prince charming and Snow white...... Not so innocent I think! Drive a poor queen to turn evil for shame!!!

But that is not the end no not by far we still have our Who's who hunt coming, Our Spring in the village Fair that Dragon is busy designing, PLUS wait for it TWISTED HUNT IS ALMOST HERE ACCCKKKK!!!!
And if you have been around long enough you know how I get that twisted side comes out and I do such devishily things :) So keep your eyes out {but not to far I I may steal them for a design, what I could}

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