Friday, December 16, 2016

Beyond Persuasion at Twe12ve

Twe12ve Festive  December 12th - 31st
"Its about elfin' time!" our cute but sexy elf outfit, features a strapless dress, fur lined knee high boots and a knit fur lined hat. Sure to make your Santa just a little bit happier to see you! There are two pattern styles Solid leather with fur or Snowfluffies leather with fur.

Discount for event only 

Discount for event only 

Beyond Persuasion at Fantasy Cream

Fantasy cream November 18th - December 18th
Exclusive ONLY to be sold at the Event
Other Versions Include

Beyond Persuasion's On the Naughty List

Our "Hurry down the chimney" gown is sexy, backless and ready for that jaw dropping entrance Christmas ever or any other party event,. 3 pattern styles in 9 colors each, your sure to find one that fits you. Taxi to The Naughty List
Only to be sold Naughty list

Only to be sold Naughty list