Thursday, October 13, 2016

Beyond Persuasion designs and Beyond the Dark at Twe12ve Haunted

We are proud sponsors of the October round of Twe12ve. This month the theme is Haunted, which inspired our newest gown set "Promises that shall not be"
These lovely gowns are inspired by New Orleans and Victorian era. The Ankle length gown features a soft velvet print on the gown and sleeves.
Also included a matching Mourning hat & Veil. Both can be worn alone or together. and a simple, elegant choker of matching velvet ribbon to finish off this set.

Perfect for Steampunk Gothics, Gothics or anyone who enjoys that sad romantic feel the set offers.

Julia is our exclusive and will only be available at Twe12ve.

Twe12ve Haunted runs Oct 12th - 31

Also at Twe12ve this month is Beyond the Dark, continuing in the same thread with our haunted piano  " When memories are all that remain" playing songs for those that have gone on before to dance to. Each ghost dances to their own time and the pianos play 6 tunes each.

There is Ragtime in Black and Faded finish
Classical romance in Black and Faded finish
Classical dreams in walnut finish
Piano man in walnut finish.

Want to see them before you buy? click the demo LM giver and go to the demo platform.

exclusive and on sale

exclusive and on sale

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