Sunday, May 17, 2015

The new lands of Beyond Persuasion or open!

Greetings and salutations,
To all bloggers new and old alike we invite you to come and enjoy the newly developed lands of Beyond Persuasion. Located in the land know as Blood Isle we offer many delightful places for you to enjoy.
 The grounds are created with the feeling of Fantasy & Gothic combined. The feel as if two worlds merged into one, which is indeed what has happen. As Dragon and I move into the direction of our passion Dark fantasy & Gothic we wanted a land to express that as well.
We have many wonderful surprise awaiting you and any others who care to join the travels through.
You will not that around the stream there is large open space this is for the future events/fairs we are looking at having here, created with the idea of not disturbing the already fragile balance of harmony that takes place here.
We are offering as well two different shopping centers for other merchants to rent. They are in clusters of 4 so as to help with the harmony {lag} and to be featured themselves as separate venues. The first cluster of shops is Ethereal the other unearthly each speak for themselves and shows how to sides of design and style can indeed work together.
Near the back of the lands is our stores, Beyond Persuasion stands as the new matriarch of the land while her two older siblings take a smaller step back to the side. We have also coming soon a new texture hall that will have Textures from both Beyond the Dark and her sister Beyond Majestic there.
The petite store of A touch of Nomical has sought shelter inside the arms of Beyond Persuasion and will have a room all to itself.
As the stores slowly unpack from there long journey we invite you to come and wander the forest, its pools and the enjoyable stopping places here.
Thank you for your time,
Elizabet Skyward
Dragon Skyward
Owners & designers of Beyond Persuasion design
Beyond Persuasion Land
Beyond Persuasion design main store & A touch of Nomical
Beyond the Dark
Beyond Majestic

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