Sunday, April 12, 2015

Beach Time with Puppy


The world of Dragon realm, is hidden to many but found by only

those who truly seek its past riches and secrets. The great city

Natei-wa-mond, high above all as it sits watching from the mountain

side. There deep in the halls of the council library, hidden behind

thick doors they wait. Wait the return of the great ones.... the

Dragons of the skies.
Enter now this world with caution, awe and respect, note those that

passed before,the eyes hidden from view, but yet still seem to

pierce your very soul.
Do you hear the whispers of the ancient ones as they chant the

spells long forgotten by mere mortal preparing the land for the

return. Feel your skin grow cold as from no where your name is

called, and eyes are met as tremble with fear of them knowing who

you are and what you seek.

Enter my friend but always be aware this is not your world, a visitor

only are you.......
Dragon realm keepers 


Opens April 23rd!

BM Forgotten forest table & chairs set
BM Forgotten forest Gazebo set 1

BPd {W}Dragon realm: Giver of life gown set
This is the Dragon realm: Female inner/outer city skin, outfit, makeup made for the fantasy faire 2015
This set will complement the RFL donation items of the forgotten forest lamps and table and chairs.
Each outfit contains the following:
Mesh dress in fitmesh & rigged mesh sized XXS - L for both styles
Resize-able slippers
Slink HUDS for tattoos, physique body * hands


BPd {M} Dragon realm: Forgotten secrets keeper 
The skins  set comes in 3 sets:
Inner city 1 with makeup & tattoos
Inner city 2 with makeup & tattoos
Outer city  with makeup and tattoos

The sets are as follows
Forgotten secret keepers
Giver of life
Night warden
Protector of the realm
Inner circle council
Spell seeker
Keepers of the blood


- Group Gift poses (F)
Can be found at Pose Fair
Angelic Designs
[AD] [The Iron Throne]

- Medieval fantasy Hunt Eyes ( former hunt gift)
[ Oblivion ]
 Middle-age 022 Browns
Slink Physique
Female Mesh Body

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